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PDI/Enterprise: Software created for your business

From our days as a startup in rural West Texas to our current standing as a convenience industry leader, PDI’s goal has been the same: to make each customer a reference. Nearly three decades, more than 330 customers, and over 28,000 locations later, our success can be attributed to an unwavering commitment to high standards and a simple, but powerful skill—listening. These are the keys to building great products, and more importantly, to cultivating long-lasting customer relationships.

Since its founding, PDI has understood the importance of collaboration. In 1986, we teamed up with 21 customers to create an enterprise-wide software system that raised automation and integration standards across the industry: PDI/Resource Management Series (PDI/RMS). We repeated the successful collaborative formula when creating our latest product offering. The result was PDI/Enterprise, a network-centric business management software system that spans the home office, warehouse, site-level, and mobile applications.

PDI/Financial Suite

A good financial system is more than just an operational necessity. Serving as the foundation for PDI/Enterprise, PDI/Financials brings timesaving automation and industry-specific technology to your accounting, reconciliation, and cash management processes. Click here to learn more about the benefits you can expect when you Do Business Electronically with PDI/Financials.

PDI/Retail Suite

PDI/Retail streamlines the electronic flow of information between your stores, corporate office, and vendors. With a centralized pricebook, PDI/Retail increases scan rates for your stores, giving you better site-level visibility and management opportunities. User-defined rules control retail prices and vendor costs with cost-monitoring exceptions, ensuring you stay competitive and profitable. State-of-the-art inventory tracking tools keep unauthorized items off the shelves while keeping your best-selling products in stock. If it sounds thorough, that’s because it is. We left nothing to chance. PDI/Retail enables you to automate and cost-effectively manage the everyday complexities of your site-level operation. Click here to learn more about the benefits you can expect when you Do Business Electronically with PDI/Retail.

PDI/Wholesale Suite

With PDI/Wholesale, petroleum marketers can eliminate manual processes and create operational efficiencies that save both time and money. A comprehensive accounting and information management system automates fuel purchasing and distribution, ensuring accuracy from order generation through delivery and billing. Integration with inventory monitoring systems and fuel pricing services help you target purchase quantities and identify the best buy for your buck. PDI/Wholesale also efficiently manages packaged goods, automatically generates pick lists, and uses flexible pricing rules that allow you to tailor each customer relationship. Click here to learn more about the PDI/Wholesale suite.

Our Commitment to You

While business is very complex, the key to PDI’s success is relatively simple. From the very beginning, we have been committed to high standards and principles. This personal and professional commitment applies not only to our products, but to our customer relationships and growth as individuals. The result is an environment that many associates refer to as family and customers call world- class.

We believe you will enjoy being a part of our community as we work together to provide the solutions you need to Do Business Electronically.