Wholesale Industry

Turn Your Freight into Profit

The petroleum wholesale industry is constantly changing. It’s something that makes this industry both exciting and challenging. Petroleum marketers, jobbers, commercial and industrial distributors, and bulk lubricant suppliers all have a common goal: drive costs down and produce bottom line growth. We can help you get there. Backed by decades of industry experience and expertise, our petroleum wholesale solution helps you effectively manage and maximize profits for your business by ensuring efficiency, transparency and accuracy at every step in the supply chain.

Petroleum Wholesale Solutions

Ensure accuracy from order generation to delivery

PDI Firestream Ascend

Drive operational proficiency and maximize profits with our industry-specific software solution.

End-to-end wholesale solutions for fuel, propane, lubricants, and home heat that automate dispatch to delivery while turning your freight into profit.

  • Fuel supply chain
  • Petroleum marketers
  • Distributers, jobbers
  • ERP back office
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Dispatch management
  • Motor fuel taxes
  • Metered fuel delivery
  • Management-by-exception
  • Driver mobile applications


Integrated end-to-end automation solutions for petroleum marketers give you access to key business information for strategic decisions while scaling and adapting to your growing business.

Do more with fewer resources, manage by exception, and better control your operations.


Home Heat & Propane

Wholesale Fuel

Wholesale Lubricants

Wholesale Industry Trends

Consolidation leads to stronger fleets creating a need for mobility & live data.

Wholesale industry has shrunk by 33%.

Demand for reporting is rising.

Multi-fuel stations require advanced technology to operate.

Environmental concerns drive complex taxing mandates.

High energy prices = thinning cushion between global energy supply & demand.

Sources: PWC Downstream Trends, Forbes, US EIA