Managing your business continuity risks can be a complicated and costly task. PDI Hosting Services is the proven solution to lower your risks and help maximize your software investment. Our single-tenant architecture and redundant data centers provide dedicated servers, firewalls and disaster recovery plans that deliver the exceptional performance and security you deserve. Combine that with the unlimited use of our PDI Tech Services consultants for software maintenance and upgrades, and you have an all-in-one hosting solution for guaranteed peace of mind.

Delivering Security and Peace of Mind

When reliable data access is critical to daily operations, struggling to provide adequate business continuity and disaster recovery is quite risky. That’s why increasingly more businesses are choosing to host their valuable data in our secure datacenter.

Secure Datacenter

Reliable, Accessible Data

Managed Hardware and Software

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Gain peace of mind and maximize your software investment

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Toot’n Totum CFO Rodger Hudson says using PDI’s cloud hosting solution was one of the best decisions his company has ever made. Find out why.

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Managing your IT and business continuity risks can be a complicated and costly task. Moving to the cloud can help address those risks, but also comes with its own challenges. This webinar will help you better understand best practices for when you’re ready to move to the cloud.

Overcome your technology challenges when you move to the cloud. This infographic outlines the benefits of hosting and guides you to solutions that will help you improve security and scalability issues and get you on the path to digital transformation.

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