Free yourself to look at the big picture with customer-driven solutions that automate your entire fuel supply chain.

From data capture, to driver tracking, to billing, PDI is there for every mile of your journey to drive efficiency and growth. Gain real-time visibility into your critical fuel operations and empower your team with the tools they need to grow your business.

Demonstrable ROI

With a focus on customer-driven solution development, we provide solutions that help you scale your business while reducing operational costs, resulting in a positive ROI.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Our best-in-technology solutions automate manual processes allowing you to refine and scale your operations — and realize a significant competitive advantage — without adding back-office staff.

Secure, Cloud-based Solutions

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll have safe, secure and convenient access to your data with our web-based, fully monitored solutions.

Real-time Visibility

Automated, frequent, and reliable data capture provides real-time visibility into critical fuel operations and gives you the timely, accurate information needed to make the best replenishment decisions.

Cut Paper, Cut Costs

From dispatch planning through billing, our completely paperless process reduces costs and increases efficiency with paperless VIRs, driver logs, delivery tickets, and timekeeping tools.

Shorten Billing Cycles

Our fuel management and logistics solutions provide reconciliation and data integration with most back-office systems eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry and reducing billing cycles.

Automate your entire fuel supply chain with PDI Intellifuel

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Solutions to Help You Thrive

Logistics & Fuel Management

Logistics & fuel management solutions that automate and streamline the entire order life cycle and give you real-time visibility into critical operations.

Consignment Management

Robust, flexible solution that manages consignment relationships with minimum effort from both parties.

Environmental Compliance

Scalable, customizable software that helps you Identify problems with your underground storage tanks before they become major compliance issues.

Custody Transfer

Best-practice operational process automation for bulk liquid and solid facilities looking to automate loading operations while optimizing custody transfer.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Best-in-class, fully-compliant ELD solution with IFTA fuel tax reporting, geofencing, idle time tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and driver scorecards to optimize your fleet.

“It’s been kind of a game changer.”

– Terry Tesch, General Manager, R.B. Stewart Petroleum Products Inc.

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