Serving our international clients, these innovative, scalable and comprehensive solutions for fuel supply chain management maximize productivity and profits, while increasing visibility and control from the terminal to the nozzle.

Working closely with a variety of industry leading clients in different countries and markets, PDI Lomosoft offers innovative planning software and mobile solutions that increase visibility and control across the secondary fuel distribution spectrum.

Industry Focus

More than 25 years of experience and focus on the oil and gas transportation optimization: mineral oil, bitumen, aviation, lubricants, LPG and industrial gases.

Advanced Functionality

Deep understanding of operational requirements, robust portfolio and complex forecasting and optimization algorithms.

Visibility and Control

Keep track of your operations and achieve compliance and transparency throughout your organization.


Suitable both for centralized and de-centralized planning, adjustable to your needs, allows you to dictate the way you handle your logistics operations.

Multinational Operations

Plan globally, operate locally with solutions adjustable to individual legal and operational requirements, and available in more than 15 languages.

Seamless Integration

Achieve higher degree of automation and digitalization, through a seamless integration to most ERP systems.

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Solutions to Help You Thrive


Comprehensive dispatch planning and scheduling solution that allows significant optimization of secondary distribution bulk transportation processes by addressing a multitude of scheduling challenges.

OilDroid & OilPac

Using leading edge technology and an intuitive, user-friendly UI, these mobile solutions deliver real-time functionality that speeds up the delivery process and reduces paperwork.


Automatically create a dispatch plan using a set of user-defined hard and soft constraints.


Keep track of your trucks with map and GPS track and trace, events coming from trucks and other sources, and custom geo-fences and notifications.


Accurately plan resources – vehicles, drivers, depots, customers – based on their availability with this event calendar driven solution.

“Because our dispatchers can now plan between 25 and 30 vehicles each, we can supply three times as many fuel stations with the same number of people.”

– Ralph Schenderlein, Operations Manager, ABS Bonifer Group

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